Walk for Preeclampsia

The Wellness Project for Love & Grace is dedicated to improving maternal and fetal health through

  • research on preeclampsia
  • education, advocacy and awareness and,
  • providing support for affected mother

Preeclampsia is a dangerous pregnancy complication, indicated by high blood pressure.

  • It is a leading cause of maternal death worldwide, and
  • It occurs 7X more in developing countries than developed countries

In Nigeria specifically:

  • 2% to 16.7% of pregnancies are affected
  • About 37,000 maternal deaths yearly are caused by preeclampsia.
  • High BP in pregnancy goes unchecked and untreated due to
  • poor access to antenatal care, low healthcare provider knowledge, low public awareness, and poor socioeconomic conditions.

By participating in this walk and donating, you will:

  • help further our mission to make preeclampsia a preventable and manageable condition,
  • ensure safer pregnancies and improved health for Nigerian mothers and babies.

Join us to raise awareness and save the lives of many mothers!

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