Testimonials from PPCORE PROGRAMS 

I had been searching for a solution to my diastasis recti and hernia for the longest time and i was quickly losing hope. It really affected my self esteem, posture and overall well-being. I’d tried different exercise schemes and diets that only resulted in further frustration. I was at my wit’s end when i discovered Love and Grace on instagram.

The program was challenging and engaging and i started seeing results about 2 weeks in! My three finger DR reduced to a finger separation. My posture improved and guess who started wearing bodycon dresses again? Lol. I 1000 percent recommend this program. P.S while my hernia isn’t completely gone, it isn’t as obvious as before.


The progress was significant after taking the PPCORE 1 program. I have started wearing bodycon again. I was ashamed to do that before I started the PPCORE program. Even my hernia is smaller. For me it was more than just diastasis recti. It was my self-confidence. I hated my postpartum body but now love it and thanks to you. Mom of 1, 12 months PP


“The love and grace platform is amazing. I started this program in June while I was 5 months PP. Trust me, I wish I started earlier, but nevertheless I learnt a lot and made great positive changes to my lifestyle. One of the most important lifestyle change was my choice of food. With the LIM guide, I learnt better and healthier food options which I incorporated into my lifestyle everyday. Second thing was developing an exercise routine that is not stressful but will help burn those calories and most importantly done comfortably at home. This I learnt on the platform…. so I am definitely satisfied.

I also love the fact that Wande developed the program in a way you do not feel pressured. It’s more like knowing your body and taking gentle steps towards achieving your goal based on your new lifestyle.

“I am not yet where I want to be but I am definitely taking baby steps and pushing myself continuously to my desired goal such that the exercises and healthy eating becomes a way of life for me and my family.” Mom of 1, 11 months PP


I have been on some type of weight loss journey most of my adult life. So in my mind, I knew it all. However, joining the PPCORE program thought me that, little changes goes a long way. The exercises were short enough to fit well into my busy life. I was able to see noticeable difference in my core and energy levels by the end of the program. I still use the low impact yet effective exercises today. I am so glad I was able to join the program.” – Mom of 2 (16 months PP).

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This program helped me make healthier choices in terms of nutrition and lifestyle in general. It helped me get back to my regular routine of working out, which I now do (at least 4 times a week). This was something I stopped doing even before I became pregnant. I also learned that eating unhealthy foods affected my milk production and meeting my son’s demands. Thankfully, with the help of the PPCORE program, I have been able to make healthier choices and would definitely incorporate these practices with my next baby.



I loved that the program was able to fit into my busy life. The program provided helpful tips and suggestions you can use throughout your life. Wande gently encourages lifestyle changes and I am very happy I participated in the program. Mom of 2, 10 months postpartum.

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Mom of 1, 6 months postpartum.

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“I enjoyed the program and was happy to see a difference in less than 4 weeks. My husband said he has noticed an improvement.  I appreciate all the support. I would definitely like to incorporate these exercises into my weekly routine.” Mommy of two, 6 months postpartum.


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“The daily encouragement, coaching and support from Wande was my favorite part of the program. I am in awe of what i was able to achieve, as it didn’t take long. I am going to keep doing the exercises and continue to improve my diet.” Mommy of one, 15 months postpartum.

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“I didn’t want this program to end. The exercises and the information made available was easy to understand what the program entailed. I am quite happy with my progress.” Mommy of 1, 2 years postpartum.

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“I enjoyed the PPCORE program. The structured outlined weekly exercises were my favorite part of the program. Thank you for this program, it allowed me focus more on my health choices and made me more conscious and determined to see what i could achieve after 4 weeks. ” Mommy of 2, 2 years postpartum

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