Postpartum Hernia After Pregnancy

If you are a mom, you may have come across the term ‘Diastasis Recti’ (DR) at some point in your postpartum journey. It is the splitting of the abdominal wall due to increased Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) during pregnancy. However, there is also something called ‘postpartum umbilical hernia,’ which is also caused by increased abdominal pressureContinue reading “Postpartum Hernia After Pregnancy”

Bell’s Palsy: My Story & Journey to Recovery

Sometime in June, 2018, just a few weeks after relocating back home, I woke up one morning in a different body. My daughter was only 8 months old trying to adjust to her new normal just like the rest of us. We had travelled across continents and time-zones with job changes and a new lifeContinue reading “Bell’s Palsy: My Story & Journey to Recovery”

How to Deal with Loose Skin after Baby

Every mama, at some point in her recovery journey has consciously or subconsciously wondered if the loose skin that appeared after delivery will ever go away. Well, there is no clear, cut and dry answer. Everyone’s body is different so what you notice on body will not be the same as seen on another mama.Continue reading “How to Deal with Loose Skin after Baby”

Where Does The Pregnancy Weight Come From?

Pregnancy is not a one size fits all. In fact, the way you gain weight during pregnancy differs for every woman depending on her Body Mass Index (BMI) and other uncontrollable factors. Weight gain during pregnancy is one of the most natural things a woman goes through. The extra weight comes with a basket ofContinue reading “Where Does The Pregnancy Weight Come From?”