My Wellness Journey


As a wellness coach, I think it’s important to constantly remind myself and those around me, what my “why is.” In 2012, I had a health scare. If you have read my nutrition and lifestyle book, Less Is More, you will know that majority of my wellness journey story includes my husband, who I see as my accountability partner. However, I had to make some changes and tough decisions for everything to be successful.

Going back to the health scare, I always had headaches as a child even into my early teens and early to late twenties. Headaches and bloating were a norm. It was part of my life. If I didn’t have a headache, I assumed my body was just taking a break.

About 9 years ago, I was sitting at my work study desk at home and remembered having headaches that just would not go away. The following day, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. After describing the frequency of the headaches and how long they lasted, she immediately went over my blood pressure numbers that had been taken before the consultation started. She was not pleased with what she saw.  She went on to have me purchase a BP (blood pressure) machine and monitor my BP at home for a week. She associated my headaches with the high BP (as well bloating) and wanted to know what my BP numbers were whenever I had an episode. About two days later, I started recording my BP every day. The following week, I returned to the hospital to go over the blood work that was taken the week prior to. Overall, everything looked great except on thing. She said, “Wande, your sodium intake is high, we need to control it.”

She later went on to share a nutrition chart that included all the classes of foods with suggestions of the high sodium foods to avoid and what healthier options to replace them with.

I gradually started to notice a drop in my BP levels and the headaches were considerably reducing.

Fast forward to 9 years later, my life has changed for the best. I am a living example of what it means to be and still becoming the best version of myself. Well

ness has become the reason for my existence and will be till I am no longer here. It is who I am. Join me on this wellness journey, let’s see what we can achieve together. There is more to you. Find it and live your best life while you can.

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