What is Diastasis Recti?

What is Diastasis Recti (DR)?

Diastasis recti is the splitting of the abdominal wall due to excessive intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) in the abdominal cavity. Research shows that it is common and 2 out of 3 women will experience DR if they have had 2 or more children. Studies show that 30 to 65% of women experience DR in the 3 trimester of pregnancy.DR photo self test

What causes DR?

Simply put, it is caused by excessive IAP as mentioned above, poor posture & body alignment, or engaging in the wrong exercises during pregnancy. Many people have DR and do not know it.

How can I tell if I have DR?

There are some simple cues to know if you have DR.

  • you may experience urinary leaks (urinary incontinence)
  • lower back pain
  • bulging belly that has not reduced for over 6 months (mommy tummy)
  • weak pelvic floor

How do I check if I have DR?

There is a simple test you can take at home to determine if you have DR. Visit the site and download a free guide of self-test for DR. You can also watch a quick video here.

Start to reduce the separation by engaging in deep core breathing exercises found in our PPCORE Foundation eCourse. 

If you know or think you have DR, visit our PPCORE 1 (Pelvic Floor & Core Training Program) and start today.

You do not need to live in discomfort or pain. Start your recovery journey today.

July is Diastasis Recti awareness month. Follow our social media to stay up to date with DR topics.

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