Hello, mama. How are you doing?

It goes without saying that the pandemic and global lockdown in many parts of the world, has changed the way we live. Just when we thought we could take a quick break from the kids and run to the grocery store for some alone time, we are hit with strict guidelines to stay home.

As if mom didn’t already have a lot on her plate, she now needs to work twice as hard depending on her support system arrangement. If the grandparents used to come over to babysit they can’t till further notice. If a live out nanny cannot live in, she needs to remain home for her safety and that of her employer. When children could go to school, it gave mom time to herself to get some rest and work done before the kids got back. Now, mom and or her partner need to home school. How in the world is this possible?

What I have learned these past few months, especially because we have been without a nanny during this period is taking it one day at a time.

The living room does not need to be cleaned 3 times a day. The bathtub can be scrubbed once a week. We can order out (if possible) when we do not feel like standing over the stove to put a hot meal on the table. We can look into grocery delivery options. The baby does not need to be showered 3 times a day.

It all sounds easier said than done but it is doable if you are intentional about it. Pace yourself. Give yourself grace. Do only what you are capable of. Your village may not be present but you can make use of what you have control over. Your family is grateful for you and the effort you put in on a regular to keep them happy. You are doing great. Cheer up. This too shall pass.

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