She Is Becoming

Hey mama! They say when you become a mother for the first time, you become a new person. In fact, some describe motherhood as being “re-born”. So, in other words, when the child is born, the mother is also born. A new you. A fresh you. A mature woman who sees life differently. Her new identity is formed. She has a new perspective and outlook on life. She’s stronger and wiser. She’s fearless and resilient. She thought she knew what it meant to love until she loved her little one.

So, is who she’s becoming her new identity? Is who she’s becoming all she is?

As moms, we sometimes get lost in our new role and forget the person we were pre-motherhood and the things we used to enjoy doing. We are obsessed with what baby will wear, eat and how they will survive. We are their ecosystem. We are now responsible for another human’s life. But, is that all we are?  Caregivers?

Who is she now? Who was she? She’s a woman. A woman who has ambitions. A woman who is a mother and or wife. A woman who believes she can be it all. A woman who has chosen to be a mom and so much more. This is the woman she is becoming and I love HER.

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