8 Tips for Baby’s First Birthday

Yay! Baby has finally reached their 12 month milestone; the moment mom and dad have been waiting for. But let’s face it, isn’t baby’s first bash for the parents and their friends? It’s okay mom. You and dad are just overly excited that you survived the first 12 months without giving up. We totally get it and you deserve a pat on the back.

But what does a 1-year old really know about parties? How much work do you want to put into planning a party that they will not remember? What of baby’s nap scheduling? Does the party ruin that for a few hours of fun? Do you think baby will be overwhelmed with too many new faces? Check out the below tips that will help make baby’s first bash memorable rather than miserable.

  1. Invite mostly close relatives and a few close friends. keep the faces of strangers to a minimum to avoid baby being cranky unnecessarily. With familiar faces around baby, it is easier for them to relax and have fun naturally.
  2. Avoid clowns, please. I think this is so cliché and unnecessary. Why scare baby or any other younger guests? Keep the clown or magician away. Babies are unpredictable and can be happy one minute and uneasy the next. Don’t risk it.
  3. Record the party. This goes without saying. Baby only turns one once so make sure to get it on camera for keepsake and memories.
  4. Take it easy on the décor. At one year old, your not so little one is now mobile as ever and pulling unto objects, and throwing things around. Keep in mind safety when handling tiny tots and rubber scraps as they can pose as choking hazards. Instead, make the décor light and easy to maneuver not just for the celebrant but for the young guests too.
  5. Serve up safely. Avoid party nibbles that can pose a choking risk such us M&Ms, nuts, skittles etc. Instead, choose a party menu that is friendly and out of the children’s risk.
  6. Stick to baby’s nap schedule: your baby doesn’t know it’s her birthday so be kind and empathize with her. Keep her napping schedule on track and avoid getting carried away by the festivities. You will be glad you did.
  7. Take personal photos before guests arrive: I took some time to take a few personal photos of my daughter in her crib before guests started arriving. I was glad I could sneak some family photo pics in before it got chaotic.
  8. Relax and have fun: remember to eat as you get carried away while hosting. I totally forgot to eat on my baby girl’s birthday (haha). Set a reminder on your phone or have someone remind you. It is so important you are energized and ready for your baby’s special day.

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