Things I wish I knew before pregnancy


Taking it back to where it all started. Pregnancy! In my opinion, motherhood begins before childbirth and way before you get pregnant. I wanted to take a second to chat about being pregnant for the first time and the interesting things I discovered in the early weeks of pregnancy.

  1. Tiredness: Not until when I entered into the first trimester of pregnancy, did I understand what it meant to be TIRED. I remember sleeping for 14hours straight a few times consecutively and it wasn’t enough. The hormonal changes and what not completely took over my body in ways I never expected.1ca8171993ebf3fbd997d29b7e7df122
  2. Pee, Pee, Pee No matter what: Ah, if I knew how much I’d need to pee during pregnancy, I would have rented my bladder out and had it returned after childbirth. Unluckily for me at the time, I lived in an apartment where the bathroom was a little distance from our room (6 seconds walk). This made my night trips to the bathroom a horror story. Even when I stopped drinking water at 7pm.giphy7
  3. The Dr. says everything is okay: Yeah! Whenever I went for my pre-natal checkups I would have a long story of what I was experiencing such as my leg looks funny, I felt a pinch at the back of my foot, I can’t catch my breath, I think I felt a flutter kick. The response I would get was “you are alright”, “it is normal.” I would be expecting a more detailed response but all I got was “you are fine.” Thankfully, it really was.                                                                                              .200w.gif
  4. Everything smells: I am naturally built with non-sharp senses but my sense of smell heightened drastically during pregnancy. Before my husband would open the fridge, I would smell that sautéed kale I had for lunch two days ago.giphyu
  5. Everyone and their brother has some advice for you: I heard it all. Things like, “oh, you should rest and put your feet up,” “are you drinking enough water?”, “oh, you must be due on this date because….”giphy.gif
  6. Your pregnancy pillow becomes your first love: If you don’t get anything during pregnancy please do yourself a favor and get a quality and comfortable pregnancy pillow because sleeping during pregnancy can be extremely uncomfortable. Tummy sleepers, like myself get the brunt of it.giphyg
  7. You start to cry for every and any reason: Thanks to nature and hormonal imbalances I was able to estimate how effective my tear ducts were. Everything made me cry. I don’t feel myself- cry. I am so tired- cry. I am pregnant- cry. She gave me a “look” – cry. The list is endless.                                            giphytia

What are some things you heard or didn’t expect during early pregnancy? 🙂 xo


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